Establishing a Healthy Co-Parenting Arrangement

Navigating the ins and outs of child custody can prove to be a challenge. It requires working with someone whom you are no longer involved with and may have bitter feelings towards. It’s important to remember that the focus is on the well-being of the child and not how one parent feels about the other.

Should you decide to co-parent, you and your former spouse must be able to work as a parenting team. This allows the child to know that you remain committed to ensuring that they have everything they need to grow. You also reduce the odds of them attempting to play you against the other parents since they are aware that the two of you are collaborating on the child’s proper upbringing.

Decisions regarding the child are typically made by both parents. However, depending on the nature of the relationship with the other parent, you may be okay with allowing the other parent to handle certain decisions. This arrangement allows both parents to enjoy some freedom in how they choose to go about their parenting.

Both parents must maintain open and respectful communication when the child is with one of them. Verbal discussions work while messaging provides a record of what was communicated between the parents, ensuring there is no confusion or a case of “he said she said”.

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