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‘Perjury’ & ‘Fraud’? Linda Hogan’s Lawyer Threatens Action Over Hulk Rants: ‘He’s A Liar!’
July 30, 2015

Top 50: 2015 Women Florida Super Lawyers - Top List

Five Strategies to Get a Better Deal in Mediation
March 5, 2015

Joanna Krupa Sues Brandi Glanville Over Cheating Claims and Smelly Vagina Comments, Demands Trial by Jury
January 23, 2015

Joanna Krupa SuesHey, Brandi Glanville ...Keep My Vagina Out Of Your Mouth
January 22, 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio surrounded by women yet again
January 14, 2015

Joanna Krupa Suing 'Real Housewives' Star Brandi Glanville — See the Document
January 14, 2015

Lawyer on Flo Rida paternity suit: "Surely he knows where babies come from"
March 29, 2014

Justin Bieber caught boozing underage: Who is to blame?
January 24, 2014

Flo Rida's Alleged Baby Mama Sues For 'Good Fortune' Child Support
November 26, 2013

The Growing Popularity of the Prenup
October 31, 2013

MLB, Porter Fischer's lawyer meet
July 3,2013

Reports: Lab employee, MLB to meet
July 2,2013

Investigators to View Alleged 'Roids Smoking Gun
July 1,2013

Former Biogenesis employee who leaked documents to meet with MLB investigators this week
July 1,2013

Appraisers in Splitsville
November 29, 2012

John Cena And Elizabeth Huberdeau Settle Divorce War: WWE Wrestler Makes Peace With Estranged Wife
July 18, 2012

John Cena -- Makes Peace in Divorce War
July 18, 2012

Wrestler John Cena settles divorce
July 18, 2012

Miami Lawyer Raymond Rafool to Duke it Out With Wrestling Star John Cena in Divorce Court
June 11, 2012

Linda Hogan Calls Off Cougar Engagement to Fiancé Charley Hill After "Great Therapy"
May 15, 2012

John Cena Files For Divorce!
May 10, 2012

Report: WWE superstar John Cena files for divorce; wife hires Miami attorney
May 10, 2012

John Cena Divorce Prompts Wife to Hire Hogan Attorney; A Fan’s Perspective
May 10, 2012

WWE Star John Cena Files for Divorce
May 10, 2012

WWE superstar John Cena files for divorce; wife hires Miami attorney
May 10, 2012

Hulk Hogan And The Ex: They’re BFFs Again — After $3.5 Million in Legal Bills!
Apr 16, 2012

Hulk Hogan's breach of contract lawsuit against ex-wife thrown out of court
March 15, 2012

Ex-wife put Hulk Hogan against ropes in divorce settlement
November 23, 2011

Hulk Hogan Sues Ex Wife; Her Lawyer Tells Him 'Get A Life!'
November 16, 2010

Bad Father Just Wants to be Good Daddy
September 30, 2010

Fla. Priest Gets Equal Time and Custody of Child
September 29, 2010

Drug Troubles Taking Toll on Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan Empires?
September 22, 2010

Miami lawyer comes to aid of Martina Navratukiva's ex
June 26, 2010

Tennis legend Martina & lesbian ex settle for $3M
June 22, 2010

Martina Navratilova, ex-lesbian partner settle out of court for three million dollars
June 22, 2010

Martina Navratilova 'pays former lesbian lover $3m' to settle bitter legal battle
June 22, 2010

Was Martina Navratilova's move to Florida for more than just the weather?
June 22, 2010

Celebrity Divorce Attorney: Steamy Miami Social Scene Can Be a Deal-Breaker
May 19, 2010

'Bombshell' McGee to host at LIV
April 13, 2010

Ex-Wife Asks Court to Force NBA Star to Allow Daughter in Reality TV Show
April 8, 2010

Linda Hogan Shopping Tell-All Book That Hulk 'Won't Like'
January 26, 2010

Linda Bollea settles suit brought by crash victim John Graziano's family
January 21, 2010

What Next For Tiger Woods? Celebrity Breakups Often Extra Bumpy
December 20, 2009

Scandalous Split: Martina Navratilova Sued By Lesbian Lover
December 7, 2009

Lawyers Advice To Elin! Don’t Take $5 Mil — Demand More!
December 4, 2009

Hulk Hogan Wants to Marry Christian Girlfriend
December 1, 2009

The Bollea Divorce Rages On
December 1, 2009

Cura y Ex Bailarina se Enfrentan
November 11, 2009

Linda Hogan Responds to "Abusive Alcoholic" Slur in Hogan's Book
November 3, 2009

Linda Hogan Slams Hulk Hogan's New Book As Being Full of Sensationalist Lies
November 2, 2009

Sacerdote católico admite haber tenido un hijo con una ex bailarina exótica
October 19, 2009

Ex sues Martina Navratilova Over Breaking Agreement
October 15, 2009

Former Priest Seeking Custody of Child Fathered with Stripper
October 8, 2009

Ex-priest Admits to Fathering Stripper's Baby
October 7, 2009

Navratilova’s Ex Sues for Palimony as ’Business’ Partner
October 7, 2009

Martina Gets Served
October 7, 2009

The priest, the sripper and their baby. We couldn't have prayed for a better story
October 7, 2009

Navratilova’s Ex Sues for Frog Art, Guns
October 6, 2009

The Rich and the Sick: Steel Magnate's Granddaughter Battles Ex-Hubby in Court
October 2, 2009

Attorney: Hulk Complies with Harley, Money Issue
September 18, 2009

Hogans Feud Over Spending
September 8, 2009

Linda Hogan Dishes About Her Divorce From Hulk, Her Children and Her Younger Love
August 7, 2009

Hogan Marriage Over: Linda Gets 'Outstanding' Settlement, Hulk Still Loves Her
July 30, 2009

Hulk Hogan and Linda Bollea Settle Terms in Divorce
July 29, 2009

Linda Hogan with Boyfriend Charlie Hill at LIV at Fontainebleau
July 3, 2009

Martina Navratilova and Toni Layton Divorcing
June 24, 2009

Hulk Hogan and Wife Settle Divorce
July 29, 2009

Martina Navratilova and Toni Layton Divorcing
June 24, 2009

Hairdresser Claims Linda Hogan Used Alimony Money on Drugs
June 15, 2009

Linda Rips Hulk
April 17, 2009

Lawyer Slams Hulk Hogan for O.J. Comparison
April 15, 2009


Implications For Same Sex Couples

The Priest, The Stripper and Their Baby

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