Assisting Children with Visitation Adjustments

Children do better when they can spend time with both of their parents. If your former spouse suggests that visits aren’t going positively, brainstorm together on ways to improve. For a while, toys and leisure opportunities may help the child, but consistency between the two houses will give your kids the stability they need to feel safe. Building a visitation routine that works is hard work, but the effort will greatly benefit your kids.

For a young child that’s still understanding transitions, it’s understandable if visits the non-custodial parent’s home cause anxiety. Little ones need to be reassured with activities revolving around their interests. In these scenarios, it would be wise to evaluate how the visits are going with your ex-spouse. A few minutes after you leave, the fear you see when you drop off your child may be gone.

With older children, issues may arise when navigating visitation schedules and their social lives. At this stage in your child's maturation, flexibility in parenting strategies is important because the child is exploring relationships beyond the family circle, which is part of a child’s natural developmental process. Try and develop a parenting scenario where there is weekend time to spend with friends while still getting some of that important parent-child time in as well.

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