With a divorce, parents need to work extra hard to keep the transition as smooth as possible for children as the dynamics between parents lead to major changes. This means adopting some steps to reduce the chances of creating issues for children as they navigate this difficult period.

Allowing children to make their own decisions regarding what they would like may be well-intentioned, but it could end up being worse in the long-term. They may begin to worry that their decisions are causing hurt to a certain parent or they are preferring one over the other.

Depending on the child’s age, they may not be accustomed to lengthy car rides. When it comes to sharing custody, this may become an issue and could lead to resentment as the child experiences frustration when having to stay with the other parent. Parents may wish to take into account the distance between homes.

Parents need to control their attitudes and feelings with their children as they have a tremendous effect on young minds with their speech and deeds. For their kids, parents are a behavioral model, but consistently sulking or talking poorly about the other parent will exacerbate the mental health of the little ones.

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