Back to School After a Divorce

A new school year will be commencing soon. If you are a single parent, it is possible you may have to coordinate with your ex-spouse to ensure that your child’s schedule remains on track without any issues arising. There are some simple ways to do this.

For starters, make use of a calendar. With online tools available that you let collaborate on a calendar, you and your ex can make changes as necessary as the school year commences so everyone is always on the same page. Older children can also use the calendar to add any school-related events parents should know about.

Is your divorce recent? If so, it may be a wise idea to inform the school that your child’s living situation at home has changed. School officials should be made aware if, for example, your former spouse will be picking up the child certain days of the week.

Was the divorce acrimonious? Do not hesitate to make changes to ease the situation without disrupting your child’s life or showing animosity towards your ex. If you need to have a parent-teacher conference, ask to hold two separate ones. If it’s best to communicate via phone or text with your ex for the time being due to the recent divorce, do so.

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