Can Child Support End Earlier

In most cases involving divorce, child support will also be part of the expenses involved. Most people are aware that child support ends once the child turns eighteen years of age. However, there may be circumstances where this support may continue, such as if past payments are owed or if the child needs ongoing care for a certain condition.

Then again, there is the chance that a child support order may end early before the child turns eighteen. These reasons may include but are not necessarily limited to the child becoming emancipated through a court, if he or she chooses to marry, the child enlisting in any military branch, or if there are changes in primary custody.

Ultimately, the length of a custody agreement will vary based on the child and parental situation and what the court feels is in the child’s best interest. Not everyone will have a child with an ongoing condition that will necessitate support once the child legally becomes an adult, nor will most children receive emancipation that results in the child support order ending earlier.

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