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Spending Time With Children During the Upcoming Holiday Season

With the holiday season kicking off in just a few weeks, this time may bring out strong emotions among divorced couples with children. Often, one parent may wish to spend a certain holiday with the child which may lead to conflict. You may find that if circumstances allow, spending the holidays together reaps great benefits. […]

The Paternity Puzzle

Establishing paternity is one of the key ways to maintain a relationship with a child. Due to the legal ramifications involved, there are several ways a father can have or has his paternity established. Perhaps the easiest and obvious is marriage. Should the man be lawfully married when a child is born, he is automatically […]

How Much Say Does a Child Have Regarding Custody?

In regards to child custody and time-sharing, these are decisions that are made by the court and the parents in an amicable divorce. Hence, if you’re curious as to whether a child has any decision-making leeway into making such decisions, the short answer is no, they do not. Although children can’t make decisions regarding custody […]

What’s an Annulment All About?

Divorce is when a marriage is legally dissolved and it often includes dividing assets as well as resolving several other marriage-related issues dependent on the state where the divorce petition was filed. An annulment is also a legal action that signals the end of a marriage. However, a key difference is that with an annulment, […]

A Brief Look at High Asset Divorces

Does your divorce involve large assets? If your marriage has significantly broken down, you may be eager to get the process over with as quickly as possible. With large assets, taking time means a divorce settlement that is fair and equitable. Failing to take all debts into account is among the most common errors made […]

Are You Divorcing? Examine Your Will

A divorce can be an overwhelming process, typically requiring a complete upheaval of your life. There are also factors that may come into play like child support, financial issues, or even bankruptcy in some cases. One thing that’s worth remembering and may get overlooked is your will. Usually, couples who have a will would have […]

A Few Reasons to Consider a Prenup

Property division isn’t something couples tend to think about when they choose to get married. However, all marriages will eventually come to an end, whether it’s because of divorce or one spouse passing away. A prenuptial agreement is, therefore, something you may wish to strongly consider. A prenuptial arrangement gives guarantees to your children should […]

Making Changes to a Custody Arrangement

With any decision involving child custody, the interests and well-being of the child will be the top factor. Should a parent wish to make changes to a finalized child custody arrangement, the process will require some work. The party requesting the change to the arrangement must be able to show that circumstances are material, substantial, […]

Two Common Divorce Myths

Most people believe they grasp the law of divorce, without possessing a proven capacity to distinguish what is the truth and what is fallacy. Today’s blog post discusses some of divorce law’s most popular misconceptions. We’ll begin with prenuptial agreements which, contrary to popular belief are not necessarily always binding. There are several factors that […]

Managing Long Distance Parenting

Every parenting scenario is different and in some cases, long-distance parenting may be necessary. A parent may live far from their child for multiple reasons including their employment or they may be deployed somewhere far away as part of the military. With these scenarios, it’s extra important to maintain a relationship with the child. In […]


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