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Florida Divorce Rates Head in a Surprising Direction

Have divorce rates in Florida gone up since the pandemic? Despite the pandemic forcing people to remain indoors as much as possible in 2020, some interesting news recently came out regarding Florida’s divorce rates, according to the Bowling Green State University National Center for Family and Marriage Research. The data shows that rates of divorce […]

A Brief Look at Establishing Paternity

Why Florida dad’s may seek paternity Determining a child’s paternity is done for multiple reasons. To collect child support payments, the mother may seek the paternity of her child. The father may want paternity rights to be in the child’s life. A man who is unsure whether he is the father may wish to be […]

Scenarios Involving Child Relocation

What happens to a custody agreement when one parent wants to move? When cases involve the relocation of a child, the needs of both the child and the parent need to be taken into account. Parents can’t simply decide to move away from the other parent. If a new custody arrangement between the parents cannot […]

What Happens With Alimony When Remarrying?

The consequences of cohabitation or remarriage and alimony payments may be considered by the Florida courts. It may have an effect on the commitments of their ex-spouse to pay spousal support when a person in Florida receiving alimony remarries or starts living with someone new. Although it is unlikely that an order to pay either […]

Should You Change Your Name?

You have the choice of reverting to your maiden name at the end of the divorce proceedings. This process is typically cost-free in the state of Florida when the divorce is already in progress. Along with the other paperwork involved in a divorce, you will be able to include your request on a form, potentially […]

Signs Indicating Children Aren’t Coping Well With Divorce

When children are not coping with divorce, what signs can help a parent make a note? Their conduct is the best predictor. Divorce is more than simply the dissolution of a marriage. If it involves children, it is the culmination of family life as they have learned it and the beginning of a new chapter […]

What You Should Know Before Filing for Divorce

It’s often said that a little preparation can go a long way in making things easier, and a Florida divorce is no exception. As you get ready to navigate this difficult process, there are a couple of things worth knowing in advance. For starters, before filing divorce documents, you or your partner must have evidence […]

Does a Florida Divorce Involve Parenting Classes?

Parents who are pursuing divorce litigation are expected to take a divorce parenting class under Florida law. The class is needed because after the divorce, parental disputes occur too frequently and it can be a real challenge, especially if the divorce involves young children. The parenting class for divorce seeks to mitigate tension and provides […]

Enjoying the Holidays Following Divorce

The holidays are usually a time for friends and family togetherness. However, after you split, the holiday season can sound anything but cheerful. Here are a few tips that may help you survive your divorce and the holidays. The season will likely be more hectic than those of the past as you adjust to potentially […]

Useful Tips for Better Co-Parenting

Effective co-parenting is one of the key ways parents can help the child navigate through the divorce process positively. Part of this may involve compromise to avoid disagreements on certain issues. Let’s explore a few tips to ease the co-parenting process. Here’s one we’ve mentioned before: refrain from bad-mouthing the other parent. Regardless of your […]


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