Civil litigation refers to when a civil matter goes to court to get resolved. These cases can involve relationships, marriages, corporations, and divorce. "Civil" means that one individual or business files a claim against another individual or business, which can also involve tort claims (a claim for damages).

There are a few types of civil litigation. One is the corporate and company in entirety disputes. A Miami Family Law Lawyer will represent shareholders and negotiate their needs during inter-company disputes. These can include cases of fraud, unfair competition, and a breach of fiduciary duty. Rafool, LLC can also represent you in contract disputes and interface with contracts against thief parties that interfere with business and contractual relationships. 

Defamation is when a statement or allegation has been made against you, and it is false. A Miami FL divorce attorney will assist you in obtaining compensation and punitive or punishment damages. Having an attorney at your side can help you see the potential scope of harm made to your reputation and defend you against a defamation lawsuit, fighting for the truth.

In entertainment litigation, an attorney will help clients in actions that deal with agents, personal managers, and other business matters in the entertainment industry. 

eDiscover and ESI litigation involve the process of recovering, saving, and production of ESI (electronically stored data that can be analyzed and shared with opposing counsel or a requesting party), no matter if it is a phone or computer. Our experienced team of lawyers can help you determine the best course of action after one party failed to uphold their duty to you. 

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