Divvying up Your Property During a Divorce

During the divorce process, there will come the moment when you’ll need to divide your property with your soon-to-be former spouse. This step can prove complex due to the feelings that may be attached to the property. Florida uses a method of equal allocation to divide marital properties according to its Statutes. This method is one in which the court seeks to distribute the assets equally and reasonably, based on certain conditions of your marriage.

The court separates your marital property, which is any property you gained during the marriage process. Typically it includes any retirement plans, wages, as well as your home. Separate or non-marital properties are things that you owned before you got married. Marital property may also include a gift or inheritance you received during the marriage.

When dividing the property, the court will weigh several factors that can affect its decisions on how who will receive ownership. For example, it will evaluate the length of the marriage, how both people contributed to the household and finances, how children would be impacted by the separation of certain property.

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