Does Child Support Eventually End at 18 in Florida?

It can feel that the payments will never stop if you are a parent paying child support, and that's particularly true if the amount you’re required to pay isn’t one you agree with. Yet child support does cease, and based on the situation, that expiration date could be different. Let's take a look at the variables that impact when these payments may cease.

In Florida, child support payments will come to an end once the child turns eighteen in most cases. Child support payments may also cease should the child become legally emancipated.

Exceptions to the 18 years provision

However, this may not be the case if the child is still in high school or if they have a mental or physical handicap where they cannot live on their own. In such scenarios, the other parent will have to agree that payments can cease but should they decide so, it is possible the parent making the child support payments may find themselves making these payments for the rest of the child’s life.

When the state withdraws the payments straight out of your paycheck, you must receive from a judge a court order that prevents the automatic deductions.

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