eDiscovery Litigation in Miami

eDiscovery refers to electronic discovery - discovery is the legal term used for the beginning stages of litigation when both parties must provide relevant information, records, and evidence related to the case. The point is for both sides to have the opportunity to be proactive in managing records and to have more control over the handling of potential requests. 

When referring to eDiscovery, either side takes part in the discovery involved in civil litigation executed in electronic formats, encompassing electronically stored information (ESI). This includes emails, instant messaging chat threads, online or electronic documents, databases, websites, or any other form of electronic information and communication relevant to the lawsuit. Raw data and metadata are also included, but forensic investigators are the ones who handle the review of this evidence. 

Rafool, LLC, Miami FL divorce attorney, knows first hand the importance of ESI within litigation, divorce cases, paternity, and life in general. Our team provides you professional help from attorneys who have a deep understanding of the eDiscovery process for recovery, saving, and production of ESI located across multiple devices. 

Daily life is constantly tracked, both business and personal, through electronic data. The rise in electronic correspondence via email, text message, and social media makes it easier for data to be stored this way.

Successful eDiscovery process with a Miami family law lawyer will stress the proper storage of records, a classification scheme that provides information and record management structure implemented for consistency and control, and the removal of records that are no longer necessary in a systematic and documented process.

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