Florida Case Sheds Light on Child Custody in the Age of COVID-19

An Orlando Sentinel article published earlier this week presents an interesting given the current COVID-19 pandemic circumstances. What happens if a parent shares custody of a child with someone who is a first responder? Should one parent have full custody of the child due to the risk of the other parent becoming infected?

The article tells the story of a Florida couple sharing custody of their 21-month-old child. The mother asked that the child remain with her due to the father working as a firefighter and EMT. The father refused the arrangement and the mother requested that a judge grant her temporary custody until the state’s state of emergency ceases. However, the judge rejected the request, indicating that no evidence existed suggesting that the father was endangering his son or that he was not taking the necessary safety precautions.

To read more about the case, visit https://www.orlandosentinel.com/coronavirus/os-ne-coronavirus-child-custody-dispute-ruling-20200408-3lcrq3qxnne5lhjxlmuotorrsq-story.html.

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