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Florida Divorce Rates Head in a Surprising Direction

In Florida, Divorce Rates Are Down During COVID-19

Have divorce rates in Florida gone up since the pandemic?

Despite the pandemic forcing people to remain indoors as much as possible in 2020, some interesting news recently came out regarding Florida’s divorce rates, according to the Bowling Green State University National Center for Family and Marriage Research. The data shows that rates of divorce in Florida plummeted by more than 25%.

According to the source article, it’s not divorcing couples that are having the most issues. Instead, a greater number of issues may be arising among couples that have already gone through the divorce process. Concerns appear to revolve around pandemic-related issues such as former spouses not wearing masks or failing to social distance.

While each situation is unique and circumstances may call for a divorce, couples may wish to focus on making divorce a last resort. Assuming the channels of communication aren’t entirely closed and both spouses still get along, there may be ways to talk it out via solutions such as marriage counseling.

To read more, please visit https://weartv.com/news/local/despite-pandemic-strains-on-couples-divorce-rates-down-in-florida.

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