When dealing with an issue as sensitive as a divorce, you want to make sure the legal assistance you’ve hired is one that has plenty of years experience and understands the complexities of your case. With that in mind, there are few questions you can ask your divorce attorney to help you make an informed decision.


For starters, how many cases does the attorney or the firm handle simultaneously? This is important as it will determine how much time the firm has to handle your case. During this process, be aware of how you’re treated by the staff when making an appointment and when you visit the office. On that note, find out whether a team will be working on your case or if one person will be solely dedicated to it.

While each divorce case is unique, there are bound to be similarities. Ask the attorney if they have experience handling cases that may be similar to yours. You may also wish to inquire how much family law experience the attorney has.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask the attorney how they will proceed with your case or what resolution they may have in mind. Are they willing to consider early mediation?

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