Couples without children or whose children have grown up and moved on to lead independent adult lives in Florida have different priorities than couples who have children of their own. When they learn that their family structure is about to change, young children will have a variety of questions and concerns. The way both parents respond to these questions can have a significant impact on how well children will adjust to the divorce.

Preparation is essential when discussing any important subject. When hearing the news of a divorce, almost all children will have a few questions. The reason for the split itself is a frequent topic of question. Children have a right to an honest but restrained response when they ask why the decision was made to sever family ties.

Even young children will be able to tell when their parents are no longer in love with one another. Although it is inappropriate to discuss the reasons why the marriage ended in detail, it is important to clarify that the love between spouses is very different from the love between a parent and a child. Despite the fact that two adults can change and evolve, their love for their children endures all difficulties.

It is possible to lessen much of the emotional turmoil that children may experience during this time by being open and honest with them about the divorce process and the reasons the family is changing. After a divorce, a couple must adjust to living as two separate households in Florida rather than as one. Every effort should be made to assist children in adjusting to their new situation and to be available for any questions or worries they may have.

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