Increased Divorce Rates in "Baby Boomer" Generation

Senior adults are not usually the first group of people that come to mind when it comes to divorce. In fact, many younger couples look to seniors as an example for a healthy and stable marriage. However, in recent years, many couples over 50 have begun to divorce at a higher rate. 

There are unique reasons older adults seek the help of a Miami FL divorce attorney. One of the most common reasons is that they no longer desire to stay in an "unfulfilling" marriage. This is not surprising since many marriages, no matter in what age group, dissipate over time. Some senior couples want different things out of life once working and raising a family is done. 

It is also more common to see financial setbacks with Baby Boomer divorces. Retiring separately is much more expensive than together. If a couple has separate assets and is both financially stable in their own right, things may be a little easier when it comes to money. However, with many years of marriage behind them, splitting assets may prove to be more difficult. 

The best thing senior adults can do in a divorce is to hire a Miami family law lawyer. Assets, familial wealth, retirement funds, and investments all may be on the line. Rafool, LLC has experience with high-net-worth divorces and can help you protect your assets in a divorce. We are open to assist potential clients by phone or video conferencing, and with decades of experience in family and divorce law, you can be sure your later in life divorce is handled with the utmost care.