Is It Time to Move On?

Choosing to divorce is a decision many couples prefer to use as an absolute last resort or a topic that should only be discussed if there are no other solutions. If you think dissolving your marriage may be the best decision but you have some degree of uncertainty, you should consider some of the signs to help you determine if it’s best to go your separate ways.

Do the good moments outweigh the bad ones? Every couple has disagreements, but you shouldn’t necessarily use this as the sole reason to end your marriage. Make a list of what’s good about your marriage and what could change. If the latter outweighs the former then yes, it may be time to explore divorce.

What are you thinking about? If you see yourself doing things on your own, achieving goals without your spouse on board, or you enjoy fantasizing about what life would be like without your spouse or being with someone else, it may not be a good idea to stay with the person.

Speaking of disagreements, how are you working through them? If you’re constantly attacking each other’s faults or if trivial issues are turning into major blowups, your marriage may not be salvageable . You may decide it’s not worth being married if you feel like you’re the one trying to work on the marriage and fix your problems. Marriage is a collaborative effort and not having your spouse’s support will only lead to more issues.

If you believe the marriage can be saved, take the time to talk to your spouse. However, it may be obvious that divorce is the best solution so that you both can lead happier lives. Don’t give your spouse false hopes if the love is gone; be confident when you’ve decided the wisest decision is to move on.

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