Legal Help with Alimony in Divorces

Divorce can be difficult, no matter what you have on the line, but with the right team of legal guidance, you can avoid legal and financial strain. Working with a Miami FL divorce attorney can greatly benefit you through all the challenges divorce brings while putting your best interest first. No matter what stage of your divorce, Rafool, LLC is here to help. 

In Florida, a judge must first recognize a need before issuing alimony. Need will need to be proven from the recipient spouse as well as an ability to pay for the providing spouse. There will be a few factors at play when considering alimony:

  • Length of marriage: a marriage that has lasted a minimum of 17 years before the divorce may be given permanent alimony. If a marriage lasted between seven and 17 years, more rigorous standards must be met for permanent award. A Miami family law lawyer can help you determine the regulations for this length of the marriage. Marriages lasting fewer than seven years are only awarded alimony under select circumstances. 

  • Financial resources or earning capacity: alimony may be limited or even rejected if the spouse has a large income stream from multiple sources, along with the ability to return to a well-paying job immediately. 

  • Family financial contribution: this includes caring for children at home while the other spouse works or holds the higher-earning ability. 

Alimony is not the same for everyone. Rafool, LLC, located in Miami, can help you through the likely strenuous legal battle in divorce. Visit us online to request a consultation.