Mediation: An Option to Consider

In a dependency case, your family case may be dealing with serious issues like possible neglect or child abuse. The complicated process of dependency in Florida may affect a satisfactory resolution. This requires a convoluted series of trials, including housing, adjudication, more. You may find that mediation is an option worth exploring.

With mediation, a third-party considered neutral will oversee the mediation process. This process may involve caseworkers, biological parents, foster parents, and children. The mediator will not assign blame, instead concentrating on reaching an agreeable resolution with a written agreement. This mediator will meet with all parties involved on an individual or group basis to make the process easier. The agreement must be reviewed and approved by a judge.

Mediation has its advantages. Among them, it allows the resolution of differences without the stringent formalities of the court. The process strongly encourages cooperation which can help with easing feelings of trauma or resentment as well as easing hostility. The process tends to be quicker than going through a court.

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