Moving With Your Child in 2021

Perhaps you’ve decided that you’ll be moving in 2021 and bringing your child along. Maybe you found a new job opportunity or you’ve decided to move into a larger home. If child custody issues are involved, there may be a few steps to take into account before the move.

Distance. Based on child relocation laws, moving more than fifty miles from where you currently live will require filing a petition with the court to make the child’s other parent aware of the intended move. This step remains a requirement even if the details of child custody have yet to be finalized.

Talk it out. Assuming you and your former spouse maintain a cordial relationship, it’s possible to avoid the petition if the parent provides written consent regarding the move. The consent should still receive approval from the court.

Know the details and be prepared to wait. As you’re getting ready to move, you’ll likely need to provide essential details like where you’re moving, when it will happen, why you’re moving, and a time-sharing schedule. You’ll also need to wait several days for the petition to receive approval and if the other parent objects, a hearing will need to take place.

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