Should Your Spouse Be on the Deed?

Marriage is a major step and chances are that if they aren’t already doing so, your spouse will move into your existing home. It is a sign of good financial planning, commitment, and personal achievement to own your own home straight away. This can be especially gratifying to be able to share this with your new partner.

But while you may want to open your home to share it with your new spouse, that doesn't necessarily mean you 'd like to add them to the property's deed. Doing so may result in a tricky situation should the marriage break down and lead to divorce.

Although you may have owned the house before the marriage, there is now a shared interest in it once you add your spouse to the deed. Regardless of who decides to proceed with filing for divorce, either spouse can legally ask the courts to assign a portion of the home 's worth to them provided they are on the deed.

It may prove difficult to combat these arguments because adding others to the deed establishes that you wish to share ownership of the property, and equal distribution laws demand that your partner receive a reasonable share of marital assets.

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