Thanksgiving is coming up soon, which can be difficult for parents who are divorced. Whether your divorce was recently finalized or you've already had a few Thanksgivings, you might still be finding it difficult to adjust to your new normal, especially if you won't be able to spend the holiday with your kids. You can still develop new traditions, despite this. 

Even while many divorced co-parents' custody agreements provide for them to alternate holidays with the children, this does not mean that you may only be content once every two years. When you are unable to spend Thanksgiving Day with your kids, pick another day to prepare a feast and invite some family and friends over to spend some time with you and the kids.

In order to start new Thanksgiving traditions after a divorce, consider the following advice:

  • Reach out to your friends and family members if you are unable to spend Thanksgiving with the kids. There are probably at least a few events that you would be cordially invited to.

  • Treat yourself if you want to be by yourself. Prepare a beautiful meal for yourself, begin reading a book you've been wanting to, and light some candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

  • Think about helping out in a soup kitchen. Giving back to others who are less fortunate is a fulfilling experience that can strengthen your sense of community. You might even get a fresh appreciation for what you already have.

  • Keep in touch with your kids. Ideally, you gave your ex-spouse some courtesy by allowing him or her to freely communicate with the kids on holidays or other special occasions when you don't have the kids.

  • Even though you shouldn't text your kids every minute of the day, you should send them a quick message or give them a call to let them know you are thinking about them.

If your present child custody arrangement is no longer suitable for your family or you are having issues with the visitation schedule around the holidays, you need an experienced Miami family law lawyer on your side to help you resolve this matter. Our team of Miami family law lawyers at Rafool LLC can provide the knowledgeable and sensitive legal counsel you require at this time.

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