The Benefits of Parallel Parenting

For many couples going through an acrimonious divorce, co-parenting may be easier said than done. If there are bitter feelings, it may be difficult to make mutually agreeable decisions regarding the children. In such a case, parallel parenting is an option worth looking into.

Co-parenting means former spouses work together to raise their children despite living separately. Parallel parenting works in a similar way, but this approach involves a degree of disengagement aimed at reducing conflict. For example, one parent may not feel comfortable with an ex face to face, so email or text would be an option. It is also possible to agree to maintain the conversations solely on child-rearing with both parties making it a point to remain civil.

The primary benefit of parallel parenting is it allows both parents to keep an active role in the child’s life. Parallel parenting may also serve as a stress reducer. If the divorce was especially bitter, the space between parents can be hugely beneficial.

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