The Importance of Paying Alimony

Having to pay alimony to your former spouse probably isn’t the most pleasant experience. If the divorce was acrimonious, your wishes probably involve not having to deal with the person anymore. It is imperative that alimony payments are made on time.


Refusing to pay court-ordered alimony has serious ramifications. It is possible to be held in civil contempt of court. Other situations may involve facing criminal contempt of court. Fines and potential jail time are all possible if a spouse fails to pay alimony as ordered by a court.

The most serious penalties involved with failing to make alimony are for individuals that are financially able to make these payments but still refuse to do so. For those that are facing difficulty making payments, an option to consider is contacting your former spouse and the court to explain the hardship. The court should be made aware if, for example, there was a loss of employment or there is an illness.

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