When a Parent Doesn’t Pay Child Support

The expenses involved in raising a child can quickly add up, especially for individuals that are single parents. Hence, non-custodial parents are typically required by the court to pay child support. However, what’s a single parent to do if the other parent isn’t providing child support?

Courts have a multitude of ways of tackling the issue of parents who don’t pay child support. For example, the parent may have wages garnished if he or she is gainfully employed. This involves garnishing a portion of the person’s paycheck, which is then transferred to the custodial parent. A court may also place a lien against the non-custodial parent’s assets, such as a vehicle or property they may own. A bank account may also be frozen.

In more extreme cases, the non-custodial parent may receive jail time. This happens if a considerable time has passed with child support going unpaid and there is a substantial amount owed. A court will reluctantly take this approach as it typically means payment won’t be received.

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