When Child Custody Needs Change

During a divorce involving children, there will come the moment when you will need to figure out how to divide the time shared between the child and the parents. While most parents will be able to come to a mutually agreeable arrangement, the child will grow and their needs—as well as a parent’s needs—may change. How do you go about making adjustments?


In Florida, “time sharing” is the term typically used to refer to child custody. A goal of time sharing is to set a routine and stability in a child’s life, which means a court is only likely to agree to time sharing changes in certain situations, which both parents need to agree on. Perhaps the father has a new job with different hours, the mother is now working overnight, or the child is now part of a sports team that travels frequently. Provided the arrangement is in the child’s best interests and both parents support it, a court is likely to approve an agreement between parents.

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