When Child Support Payments Become Difficult

Are you late on your child support payments? You may understandably be concerned about potentially being taken into custody or the consequences resulting from being delinquent. Being behind on child support may also prevent you from leaving the country. Besides these ramifications, there is also having your reputation damaged.

A reputation that’s been affected by falling behind on child support could mean a loss of friendship and it may cause tension with your family. Furthermore, it may affect conditions in your workplace or your ability to pursue a new job. For example, a family connection may choose you’re not worth hiring because of your failure to pay child support. This may exacerbate the situation by making it more difficult to become up to date on payments.

At Rafool LLC, we understand that there is a multitude of reasons as to why you may fall behind on payments. Perhaps you’re dealing with a sudden health situation or you’ve lost your job, both of which can affect your ability to pay.

If you are indeed struggling to make payments, it is imperative to consider your options. You may wish to have your child support payments adjusted so that they are more manageable. Establishing a payment plan may be another option.

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