Who Gets the Dog?

With a divorce, there is often the issue of determining child custody. But what about the family dog? Who gets to keep the pooch after you and your soon to be ex both did the job of raising, feeding, and caring for the four-legged member of the family?

Ideally, you can both come to a mutually agreeable decision, but when so much time and love has been invested, it’s easier said than done. If you cannot figure out what to do with Fido, you can settle it either in court or through mediation.

While there are are a couple of states that will treat custody of the dog like it would child custody, Florida is not among these states. Instead, pets are viewed as another possession obtained during the time you were married.

In many cases, when one spouse brought the pet into the marriage, the pet stays will remain with them as their non-marital property. If the pet was introduced during the marriage, the decision will rest on which person is better able to take care of him or her.

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