Changes to the way divorces are handled could be on the way, as two bills now pending in the Florida legislature will abolish lifelong alimony.

However, there is opposition to both the House and Senate proposals.

HB 1559, if enacted, would end perpetual alimony and create rules for judges to follow in deciding how much a partner receives. The bill reprioritizes alimony, in general, to ensure that all partners, now-ex-spouses, strive for full freedom.

The bill establishes provisions for a trio of different alimony types: two-year bridge alimony, five-year rehab alimony, and durational alimony, which is equal to half of the marriage's term. The bill would save people money by reducing the amount of time they may use in court.

Those opposed to the bill are concerned that it would affect existing divorce agreements. The bill will not be retroactive, meaning divorces that had already been finalized will remain untouched. Former partners will, however, return to court to re-settle their differences under the bill.

A 50-50 division of child custody period is also part of the bill.

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