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No two divorces are exactly alike, but some are much more complicated than others. Whether it’s the personalities of the parties, their parenting concerns or their extensive business interests, some divorces present challenges that require sophisticated legal knowledge and specific experience. But when you retain Rafool, PLLC, you get personalized assistance from a board-certified specialist in Marital and Family Law. We have a highly detailed understanding of substantive law and court procedure, but we also have the hands-on experience of helping clients with very complicated cases. We are skilled negotiators who are also effective litigators. You can trust us to pursue a fair and comprehensive settlement or to fight aggressively to preserve your rights.

What is complex divorce?

A complex divorce is any dissolution of marriage that requires sophisticated knowledge and skillful use of resources to resolve. There are three basic areas of concern that can complicate divorce proceedings:

  • Combative personalities — Settlements require the reasoned pursuit of an acceptable compromise. When one or both parties are determined to use the divorce process to continue to punish the other, it’s impossible to make progress through negotiation or mediation. When opposing parties refuse to be reasonable, we have to use the discovery process and legal motions to compel them to act as a reasonable party would. We also have to try issues in court. This makes the process longer and more expensive than it has to be.
  • Concerns for children — When there are serious disagreements about what is in the child(ren)’s best interest, additional care must be taken to protect our client’s parental rights and to advance the best interests of the child(ren). Often, concern for the children is merely a pretense for attacking the other party. We often have to protect our client from specious allegations of unfitness, wrongdoing and abuse of children because an unreasonable opponent is using the children as a weapon. In other cases, there are legitimate concerns about a party’s ability to act as a custodial parent, especially when the party has a demanding career and the child has special needs. Complex custody issues generally require creative solutions that only an experienced attorney can provide.
  • High net worth — It stands to reason that people with more wealth would have more detailed property settlements. But even in a high-net-worth divorce, the type of assets a couple holds can further complicate a divorce. If assets include closely held family businesses, trademarked businesses, and professional partnerships, business valuation generally requires expert consultation. Appraisals are generally necessary for real estate, fine art, jewelry, antiques and collectibles. Financial instruments such as mortgages, secured loans, stock portfolios, stock options, 401(k)s, and IRAs must be evaluated and divided with an eye toward the tax consequences. Finally, property held in other states and other countries can be subject to additional rules and regulations.

To provide effective counsel, your attorney must have a comprehensive understanding of a wide variety of legal and financial issues. We have that knowledge, and we also have access to a network of trustworthy experts in all pertinent fields. When you retain our services, you can be confident in our ability to simplify your complex divorce while delivering excellent results.

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