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At Rafool, PLLC, we are keenly aware of the importance of this electronically stored information (ESI) in litigation, divorces, paternity and in peoples’ lives.  Our team of attorneys includes professionals who have deep knowledge in sophisticated eDiscovery processes for the recovery, saving and production of ESI located everywhere from computers, smartphones to social media and other sources.

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More and more our daily lives, both business and personal, are being conducted, stored, and tracked electronically.  Business and personal documents of every kind are generated, transmitted and stored by computers, in the cloud and other data storage facilities.  We communicate with our colleagues, our friends, our family members and many others by email, text and social media sites from the palm of our hands, seated in our cars, or across the kitchen from our Alexa unit.

Social media and media and direction assistance such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, WhatsApp, Text, Instant Messenger, Voice Mail, Skype, Facebook, Linked In, SnapChat, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube, Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, Servers, Cloud Storage, Alexa, Siri, On-Board Storage, Internet Archive, GPS, and dating sites, etc…, the list goes on are used by people and companies, daily.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Discovery

We know that with the ever-evolving Internet-of-Things (IoT), searching in only the obvious places is no longer sufficient.   If information is power, then finding the information is required; and founding and gathering must be done the right way.

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For over twenty years David has assisted his clients in navigating a wide variety of complex commercial disputes in both state and federal court. Complimenting his practice, David has developed a deep proficiency in all matters of investigative discovery involving computer-based information. In 2006 he established his own eDiscovery consulting firm, later working as a Managing Director for a global legal process outsourcing company. He has taught bar-certified courses on eDiscovery to law students, attorneys, and judges and is currently a Certified X1 Social Media Examiner.