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Responsive South Florida attorneys work to establish fair payment terms

Florida law requires all parents to pay appropriate child support for their children. Ensuring that the process and payments are fair, however, often requires representation from a qualified family law attorney. At Rafool, PLLC, our Miami child support lawyers provide authoritative legal assistance for a full range of child support matters, including enforcement, modification and paternity actions.

Knowledgeable lawyers assist with South Florida child support calculations

Florida has set guidelines for establishing child support rates that are the start to the process. However, for the wealthy, the Guidelines are not always applied. Good Fortune child support may be in order or a reduction of the Guidelines’ support because the amount is more than a child(ren) need. We at Rafool, PLLC have substantial experience with celebrity, sports star and wealthy child support issues. During an initial consultation, a firm attorney can help you understand what these legal factors mean to your case:

  • Net income of both parties — The income level of both parents is considered in Florida child support determinations. If the parents’ combined income exceeds $10,000 a month, the support rate is set as a percentage based on the number of children. For families with income under that level, determinations are made using a set formula.
  • Healthcare expenses — Medical insurance and treatment costs can be a significant burden. We can ensure that these expenses are accounted for in the child support calculation.
  • Childcare costs — Parents can also have their obligation reduced if they are contributing to day-care expenses or other types of childcare costs.
  • Private school – Private school payments can be ordered to ensure your children maintain the education they are used to or that is appropriate.
  • Good Fortune – Good Fortune child support can be awarded so that your child(ren) can enjoy a similar lifestyle regardless of what parent he/she/they are exercising time-share with.

Our South Florida family lawyers are committed to providing the highest levels of representation and service so that you can achieve a positive result in your child support matter.

Determined advocates litigate modification and enforcement actions

Failure to pay child support is a serious charge that can have severe consequences for parents and children. In fact, an attorney who fails to pay ordered child support may have a Florida Bar violation as well.  If you are not receiving the money you are entitled to or if you have been accused of a delinquency, immediate action is necessary. We are strong advocates for both recipient and paying parents. No matter how compelling your case might be, you cannot act on your own to adjust a child support order. If a change in circumstances means that the rate is no longer appropriate under Florida law, we can take immediate action to petition the court for a modification. Our lawyers also have the resources to build the strongest possible case if a child’s paternity is in dispute.

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