Miami Civil Litigation Attorneys Assist Individuals and Businesses

Florida law firm delivers skilled representation for a variety of civil matters

Rafool, PLLC, represents clients in many branches of civil litigation. We have earned a reputation for providing complete solutions for both individuals and companies. We view each tort and contract case as a unique challenge that demands a solution suited exactly to our clients’ goals. Once we work with you to set those goals, every action we take is designed to achieve them.

Experienced lawyers for a wide variety of tort claims

We represent clients throughout South Florida and can assist you with tort matters such as:

  • Corporate and Company in Entity Disputes —We represent shareholders and members with their litigation and negotiation needs for inter-company disputes and issues.
  • Contract Disputes and Interference with contract — We represent parties in their contract disputes and against third parties who interfere with business and/or contractual relationships.
  • Defamation — In addition to proving statements and allegations are false, we assist clients in defamation matters to obtain monetary compensation and punitive or punishment damages.
  • Entertainment Litigation — Our premier entertainment litigation lawyers counsel clients in actions involving agents, business and personal managers.
  • eDiscovery and ESI Litigation — Knowledgeable lawyers counsel parties involving processes for the recovery, saving and production of ESI located everywhere from computers to smartphones and social media.

If you have any questions or need advice on how to proceed with these or other tort claims, we will provide a complete overview.

Advocating for clients in breach of contract disputes

Our experienced attorneys can pinpoint and litigate any situations where someone violated an obligation owed to you in a contract. Conversely, if someone is accusing you of breaching a contract term, we will offer an aggressive defense of your adherence to the agreement.

Law firm helping to obtain justice when defamation is alleged

Damage to one’s reputation can take a heavy toll. If someone has stated or published false information about you, recovery might be available under the defamation torts of libel and slander. Rafool, PLLC, can help identify the full extent of the harm caused by the falsehood and will strive to attain the maximum compensation for you. We can also defend you against a defamation lawsuit, strongly arguing the truth of your statement and providing other available defenses.

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