Accomplished Miami Attorneys Manage Celebrity Divorces

Discreet, effective representation for entertainment industry professionals

Under the best of circumstances, divorce can be terribly stressful. But for high-profile individuals, whose divorce makes headlines, the process can be unbearable. That is, unless you have capable legal representation from a dedicated attorney who has handled celebrity divorces. At Rafool, PLLC, you get personalized attention from a board-certified expert in family law. You also get reliable counsel from a media-savvy lawyer who knows how to protect your privacy and control the narrative so tabloid gossip does not damage your public image. Throughout the legal process, we manage your case professionally and discreetly, so you can dissolve your marriage in a timely manner, with minimal disruption, and on fair terms.

Responsive Miami lawyers handle the complexities of celebrity divorce

Miami is a dynamic city that draws luminaries from the worlds of music, television, film, and professional sports. The concentration of high-profile personalities from Coconut Grove to South Beach to La Gorce also draws swarms of paparazzi and the tabloid press. Getting divorced in the glare of the media spotlight only intensifies the emotional turmoil and distracts from the task at hand: reaching the best terms possible for your divorce settlement.

Rather than let outside forces intrude on what should be a private matter, our firm takes decisive steps to protect your privacy. Because Florida is a “no-fault only” state for divorce, neither party is required to allege marital misconduct. By taking proactive measures to negotiate a comprehensive divorce settlement, we can often prevent the case from going to trial, further protecting your privacy. Unlike certain attorneys who take advantage of high-profile clients to gain publicity for themselves, we are concerned first and foremost with maintaining your privacy and confidentiality.

Powerful resources to resolve your complex divorce issues

Our firm also has the resources necessary to resolvehigh-net-worth divorces where spouses have various business interests. Often, these are not simply investments, but are activities which rely on name and brand recognition. Protecting the brand from loss of goodwill during divorce is of paramount concern. Our team relies on a network of experts, including CPAs, forensic accountants, and asset valuation specialists, to handle complex financial matters, such as the division of your marital property and alimony.

Issues affecting your children are naturally your greatest concern. We protect your children as much as we can from the publicity of your divorce, distancing them from legal proceedings whenever possible. We also understand that celebrities who have demanding careers need unique parenting plans carefully fitted to their specific circumstances. We protect your parental rights and fight for parenting time schedules that allow you to maintain your loving relationship with your children.

Special assistance for unmarried celebrity couples ending their relationship

More and more, high-profile couples are choosing to live together without getting married. When the relationship ends, a legal settlement is often appropriate. If there are children of the relationship, it may be necessary to legally establish paternity so the parties can resolve issues of child custody and support. For all these matters, we are happy to provide highly professional and responsive counsel that safeguards your rights and your privacy in celebrity family law matters.

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