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Paternity Questions? Rafool, LLC is Here to Help

Paternity is a sensitive topic, but sometimes Florida residents may have questions. Determining paternity is important, not only for the parents but for the child. Parental support plays a big Read More

Ground for Divorce in Florida

Thankfully, divorce laws have become more lenient over the last fifty years. Compared to half a century ago, every state in the United States has a no-fault option for divorce, Read More

Marital Settlement Agreements in Florida

Marital settlement agreements are written and signed contracts by both spouses that outline the terms of the divorce. These agreements will address the issues in your case, including custody and Read More

International Child Custody

Miami is home to people who are from everywhere in the world. Many people remain in deep connection with the people and places they come from. Many families choose to Read More

Parental Alienation in Florida Divorce

Parental alienation is a process that occurs during divorce that involves a parent attempting to turn a child against the other parent. It can be intentional or may stem from Read More

How to Choose the Right Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a sensitive matter, with lots of complexities involving children and property. Making sure you have the right legal backing is one of the best ways you can help Read More

Reasons Your Divorce May Be Delayed

While courts are opening back up, the lingering COVID-19 pandemic has delayed court systems, along with numerous other legal processes, including divorce. Divorces that require court appearances or litigation have Read More

Should You Get a Postnuptial Agreement?

If you got married and decided to forgo the prenuptial agreement, you are not alone. Many couples bypass this step of marriage, however, it is one of the most important Read More

Don’t make these Common Divorce Mistakes

Divorce etiquette may be the last thing you are thinking about during a divorce, but it is something you should be keeping in mind. Feeling the negative impact of a Read More

Legal Help with Alimony in Divorces

Divorce can be difficult, no matter what you have on the line, but with the right team of legal guidance, you can avoid legal and financial strain. Working with a Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 174 posts