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When parents of minor children break up, they have an obligation to put the interests of their sons and daughters first. Rafool, PLLC are Miami child custody attorneys who advise Florida and other clients on the legal steps they can take to establish a safe, supportive environment for their children. Our accomplished lawyers handle child custody issues with the skill and compassion that these situations deserve. Whether parents have split up amicably or are engaged in a bitter dispute, we recognize that the best outcome almost always includes custody agreements that allow both parents to maintain strong relationships with their children. However, when it is necessary to pursue sole responsibility to safeguard the child’s well-being, we will develop a formidable argument.

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Since 2008, Florida law has adopted different terms than those used by many other jurisdictions to refer to child custody. Residential custody and visitation are collectively referred to as time-sharing in the state statutes. What some states call legal custody is called parental responsibility here. While these terms may differ from those of other states, Florida, like all states, requires its courts to make custody decisions based on what they believe to be the child’s best interests. If you have a custody dispute, our attorneys can explain the following potential results:

  • Shared parental responsibility — Under this arrangement, each parent maintains full legal authority for their child. This is the ruling of the court in most cases, and parents are expected to make major decisions jointly.
  • Sole parental responsibility — In a situation where one parent lacks the ability to make proper decisions for their child, the other parent can be granted sole control. If you believe that this might be appropriate in your situation, we can discuss how to seek this designation.
  • Majority time-sharing — Divorcing or separating parents must abide by a parenting plan approved by the court. This covers residential issues and visitation terms, including details on where the child will spend specific holidays. If the order mandates majority time-sharing, this means that the child will primarily live with one parent while visiting the other parent at designated times. In most of these cases, the amount of time a parent spends with his/her child(ren) will affect the amount of child support a parent will pay.
  • Equal time-sharing — In this arrangement, parents share the responsibility for housing their child. Depending on the parents’ incomes, child support can be awarded here as well and takes into consideration the number of days the child spends in each home.

Starting with an initial consultation, our family lawyers take a detailed, personal approach to the establishment of parenting plans. By learning everything about you, your child and their needs, we give you the best chance of obtaining an order that promotes your well-being and that of your children.

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Numerous factors can be considered by the court in devising a parenting plan. We can anticipate the main issues in your case, which might include parental fitness, alienation, psychological, medical and addiction issues,educational needs, relocation and even the child’s preference. Judges also assess how likely parents are to follow the plan and whether they will cooperate on important matters.

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