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Increased Divorce Rates in "Baby Boomer" Generation

Senior adults are not usually the first group of people that come to mind when it comes to divorce. In fact, many younger couples look to seniors as an example Read More

Equitable Distribution in Florida Divorces

Dividing marital property is one of the most important financial aspects of a divorce. Florida is an equitable distribution state, meaning the courts will divide marital assets and debts so Read More

How Simplified Dissolution Works

Many states, including Florida, participate in a marriage procedure known as “simplified dissolution,” an option to end a marriage under certain circumstances. Simplified dissolution, or summary dissolution, is a divorce Read More

Is COVID-19 Changing Family Law?

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted circumstances in nearly everyone's life, and those that need a Miami family law lawyer are no exception. A shift in circumstances such as disagreement in Read More

Ways to Handle Co-Parenting

Emotions run high in divorce, so the thought of co-parenting with your ex-spouse may be one of the last things you would ever want to do. However, in the best Read More

Understanding Divorce Fees

Many people experience the jarring first thought of pricing when thinking about the cost of a divorce attorney, but fees are not always based solely on the price of a Read More

Are Spouses Allowed to Hide Their Assets During a Divorce?

In Florida, a couple in the process of divorce must follow mandatory disclosure requirements. These requirements state that spouses must exchange financial information like bank statements, tax returns, pay stubs, Read More

Child Custody Cases Dos and Don’ts

Child custody cases are among some of the most common causes that make it to court yet remain some of the most difficult. Not only are there many emotions involved Read More

Parental Relocation and Child Custody in Miami

Parental relocation is one of the most complex child custody issues to resolve. Parental relocation is defined as one parent with custody moves out of the area or state with Read More

Videoconferencing and Family Court

COVID-19 has brought many changes to the way people handle events, from everyday matters like traffic tickets to the big ones like divorce court. Significant changes are expected to stick Read More

Viewing 11 - 20 out of 174 posts