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Advice for Couples Dealing with Gray Divorces in Florida

No matter what stage of a couple's lives they are in, divorce is never easy. When the decision to divorce is made later in life, it is particularly difficult. The Read More

Self-Care Tips for Recovering from Divorce

Whether the divorce is amicable or not, it still represents a significant change in life. You are transitioning from being a couple to being single, a status you may not Read More

How to Handle the Holidays Following Divorce

Divorce is already a difficult situation to deal with, but the holidays make it even harder. This time of year is a constant reminder of happier, more joyous times contrasted Read More

Guidelines for Choosing the Right Divorce Lawyer

Family and friends can be there emotionally during a difficult time, but they can't provide practical advice. You need someone who can empathize with you while also getting the job Read More

How Parents Can Support Their Children During a Divorce in Florida

Divorce is never an easy process for anyone involved. In fact, a lot of well-meaning relatives and friends will admit that going through their own divorce was the hardest thing Read More

Three Steps to Take Before Filing for Divorce

Frequently, divorcing couples make significant decisions based on emotion rather than logic. As seasoned Miami FL divorce attorneys, we've handled numerous contentious divorce cases. Whether your divorce is collaborative, contested, or Read More

Understanding the Uncertainty of a Grey Divorce

People frequently believe that the longer a marriage lasts, the less likely it is that they will end in divorce. While some people experience this, others discover that their differences Read More

What a Miami Family Lawyer Can Do for You

When issues involving members of the same household and the law arise, an experienced Miami family law lawyer should be consulted. Conflicts with family law can be mentally and emotionally taxing, Read More

How Are Assets in a Florida Divorce Divided Equitably?

Marital assets are those obtained during the marriage, either separately or jointly, according to Florida law. Therefore, every dollar you earn while you are married is regarded as marital property. Read More

The Benefits of Hiring a Miami Family Law Lawyer

Family law is complex. If you don't have professional help, it's easy to misrepresent your case or neglect important information. To ensure a smooth process, you should choose a family Read More

Viewing 1 - 10 out of 188 posts