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Most Common Concerns Going Through a Divorce

If you're considering divorce, it's important to understand what you're going into so you can prepare accordingly. Here are five common concerns when going through a divorce:  Finances  Divorce will affect your Read More

Ways to Protect Your Child from Stress of Divorce

Divorce is painful enough on its own, but it becomes even more difficult when you have children. Here are a few steps you can take as a parent to protect Read More

How to Save Money During a Divorce With the Help of a Miami Divorce Attorney

Dividing assets is one of the trickiest parts of a divorce. However, there are numerous methods by which a spouse might save money while going through a divorce. Take the Read More

Keep These Documents Handy When Planning for Divorce

Divorce is typically a hard process, but it can be simplified significantly when both sides are prepared. Prior to filing for divorce, you and your spouse should obtain any necessary Read More

Florida Divorce Tax Blunders to Avoid

After divorce, many people are preoccupied with their bank accounts, possessions, real estate and other financial matters. However, tax ramifications are one of the most essential financial issues when it Read More

Divorce in the Digital Age

In today's environment, our phones are nearly never out of reach. It's a part of who we are, and many people feel safer because of it. However, the sense of Read More

Valentine’s Day and Divorce

Year after year, an increase of people seek divorce in the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day. This growing phenomenon is not yet completely understood, though there are some clues:  For Read More

What Is Goodwill in a Divorce?

Goodwill, also known as business goodwill, is an intangible asset of good reputation and customer loyalty. It happens due to many incidents, including the foundations of the business, the successful Read More

Can Florida Visitation Rights be Taken Away?

In Florida, the state allows visitation rights (timeshare rights) to be taken away if it is within the best interest of the child. Parents who are non-custodial may be required Read More

Annulment Vs. Divorce

Both annulments and divorces dissolve the marriage. However, the method in which they do so is different. Where annulments treat the marriage as if it never existed, divorces are still Read More

Viewing 51 - 60 out of 215 posts