For recently separated and divorced parents, family-centered holidays such as Father's Day may heighten feelings of loss, failure, grief, and anger. Those who will be separated from their children on this particular day for the first time may dread it. The following are suggestions to help fathers handle Father's Day after a divorce or separation.

Prepare Ahead of Time

This is by far the most crucial thing a father can do to make the day enjoyable – or at the very least manageable – for his children and himself. Everyone involved will feel less uncertain and stressed if they have a plan for the day. A solid parenting plan will set out what occurs on holidays and other special days, so tailoring one to your family's needs is critical to reducing stress for both co-parents and children.

Make Contact With The Other Parent

If the children will be with their mother this weekend, fathers should set aside time to discuss how the day/weekend will go. Perhaps the mother would be willing to switch weekends; if that isn't possible, perhaps some or all of Sunday could be arranged.

Create New Traditions

Even if a father has fond recollections of past Father's Days, he may decide to develop new traditions with his children if Mom is not around. Make a new Father's Day tradition out of activities that dads have enjoyed doing with their children in the past, such as a trip to a theme park, the movies, or a museum.

Reach Out to Other Single Parents 

Other single parents can offer advice and support to newly divorced fathers. If you don't know any single dads in your social circle, try searching for local support groups.

Make Arrangements for a Virtual Get-together

If a father is unable to be with his children on Father's Day, he can arrange a video visit with them via Skype, Facebook, or Zoom. 

When you're separated or divorced, Father's Day is different, but "different" doesn't have to imply "bad." Divorced fathers have the option of making an effort to discover ways to enjoy the day — whether or not their children are present.

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