Divorce is typically a hard process, but it can be simplified significantly when both sides are prepared. Prior to filing for divorce, you and your spouse should obtain any necessary documents that can expedite and simplify the process. The following is a list of critical documents to collect while preparing for divorce:

  • Three years worth of copies of all federal and state income tax returns.

  • Pay stubs for you and your spouse, copies of your Wage and Tax Statement, Form W-2, Form 1099 and/or 1099-INT, Form K-1s and any and all other papers evidencing income received by you and your spouse during the preceding 12 months.

  • Copies of bank and account statements for the last three years in your name and/or in the name of your spouse.

  • Copies of personal or joint financial statements or net worth statements prepared by or for you.

  • Copies of stocks, bonds, deposits, brokerage statements and other papers attesting to your and your spouse's interests or securities.

  • Copies of loan applications and financial statements pertaining to any business or investment in which you or your spouse has an interest, as well as copies of all personal loan applications and financial statements pertaining to you and/or your spouse.

  • Plan summaries, annual beneficiary statements and periodic reports relating to any benefit plan in which you and/or your spouse had an interest at any point during your marriage.

  • Copies of trust agreements, fiduciary income tax returns and quarterly accountings for any trust in which you or your spouse has an interest.

  • Records pertaining to any property (houses, buildings, land, etc.) owned by you and/or your spouse.

  • Documents referring to all safety deposit boxes, vaults and/or safes held in your or your spouse's names.

  • Copies of registration cards or slips for each vehicle owned by you and/or your spouse.

  • Copies of all life insurance policies, certificates, and other records covering your and/or your spouse's lives.

  • Copies of financial statements for any business in which you or your spouse has an interest.

  • Social membership contracts, monthly statements and bills for your or your spouse's country club, beach club or other social groups.

  • Copies of all bills, account statements, and other records and papers proving your current debt.

  • Copies of monthly statements, billings and invoices of any charge accounts with any credit card organizations in your or your spouse's names.

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