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Consider Mediation Carefully

If you’ve decided to part ways in your relationship, there is a fair possibility that you have thought or heard about mediation as a possible path forward. Chances are that Read More

Contested and Uncontested Divorce in Florida

In Florida, a marriage dissolution must be filed by any couple seeking a divorce. If they can negotiate on one or most of the main issues, they may have the Read More

Does Child Support Eventually End at 18 in Florida?

It can feel that the payments will never stop if you are a parent paying child support, and that's particularly true if the amount you’re required to pay isn’t one Read More

Spending Time With Children During the Upcoming Holiday Season

With the holiday season kicking off in just a few weeks, this time may bring out strong emotions among divorced couples with children. Often, one parent may wish to spend Read More

The Paternity Puzzle

Establishing paternity is one of the key ways to maintain a relationship with a child. Due to the legal ramifications involved, there are several ways a father can have or Read More

COVID-19 Continues to Affect Family Law

COVID-19 has already made life harder for families but according to a Sun-Sentinel article, it’s also affecting family law. The article mentions a mother who was not allowed to see Read More

How Much Say Does a Child Have Regarding Custody?

In regards to child custody and time-sharing, these are decisions that are made by the court and the parents in an amicable divorce. Hence, if you’re curious as to whether Read More

What’s an Annulment All About In Florida?

What is the different between annulment and divorce? Divorce is when a marriage is legally dissolved and it often includes dividing assets as well as resolving several other marriage-related issues dependent Read More

Brief Look at High Asset Divorces

Does your divorce involve large assets? If your marriage has significantly broken down, you may be eager to get the process over with as quickly as possible. With large assets, Read More

What Is Parental Alienation?

“Parental alienation” is a term used to describe when a child prefers to ally themselves with one parent, often resulting in the other being rejected despite there not being a Read More

Viewing 171 - 180 out of 290 posts