The consequences of cohabitation or remarriage and alimony payments may be considered by the Florida courts. It may have an effect on the commitments of their ex-spouse to pay spousal support when a person in Florida receiving alimony remarries or starts living with someone new. Although it is unlikely that an order to pay either a lump sum or a sale of property would be affected, a change in the living condition can lead to the alteration or revocation of a periodic payment order.

Unless otherwise stated by the current decree, the civil remarriage of a supported partner effectively ends an order for alimony payments. It is necessary to remember, though, that this holds true only if the union is considered legal. If the union is not legitimately binding, the survival period does not end immediately. In this case, the supportive partner must go to court with documentation of the current living circumstance of their former spouse and seek the revocation of the alimony order.

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