You have the choice of reverting to your maiden name at the end of the divorce proceedings. This process is typically cost-free in the state of Florida when the divorce is already in progress. Along with the other paperwork involved in a divorce, you will be able to include your request on a form, potentially expediting the process. You will also need to contact the Social Security Administration and other government institutions following the name change.

If you have children, after a divorce, you would need to consider how to proceed regarding their last name. If you and the other parent agree on keep or change the children's names, the court will undoubtedly weigh the choices and make a decision dependent on each child's best interests. Factors like the child’s age, custody agreements, and what the child may want, if appropriate, would need to be weighed by the court.

It is not necessarily the ideal choice to choose to return to your maiden name. There are several variables to carefully analyze, starting with the duration of your union. Changing all of your professional and personal connections can sound too overwhelming if you've been married for decades.

The status in your profession will also play an important role in your decision. Unfortunately, if you have identified yourself with your married name, switching back to your maiden name can undo any of the progress you have made. This decision could be much tougher to make if you have kids. Getting the same last name as your children will allow them to move more quickly to a different and unknown family life. In the end, though, it is still a smart path to take to use the name that you are more comfortable with.

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