When cases involve the relocation of a child, the needs of both the child and the parent need to be taken into account. Parents can't simply decide to move away from the other parent. If a new custody arrangement between the parents cannot be agreed upon, a judge may need to get involved. There are several grounds that the court would consider when evaluating child relocation.

Economics often plays a major role in child relocation. While a parent traveling out of state can trigger visitation issues for the other parent, the courts understand that adults often have to relocate due to job circumstances or they have substantially better work prospects somewhere else. The courts may evaluate the economics alongside how a move would affect a child’s relationship with the other parent.

Should a parent marry someone else, they can petition the courts for approval to move to a different state and join their spouse. Alternatively, since their present partner, the stepparent of the child, wants to move for professional purposes, they may request a current custody arrangement be tweaked.

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