Divorces can be incredibly complicated, emotionally and financially. When it comes to protecting your assets, Florida courts have particular laws and processes for dividing all the shared property and finances of those involved. Hiring a Miami divorce lawyer can make the process of protecting your assets in a divorce in Florida smoother and easier. 

When couples with assets file for divorce, the courts must decide what constitutes “marital property” so they can decide how to divide it. Marital property is all the property and income that belongs to both spouses and all the debts they owe together. While couples in a divorce in Florida can agree among themselves how to divide their marital property, the Florida courts will usually decide the final division of any shared assets or income.

When making their decisions about who gets what assets, courts will consider many factors, including: 

• Length of the marriage 

• Pre-marital and post-marital contributions to the marriage 

• Debts and other liabilities 

• Earning potential of each partner 

• Ability to pay support

Courts will also consider the contributions of each partner to both the family and the marriage. A Miami divorce lawyer can help each partner get the fairest division possible and protect them from any surprises along the way. 

This process of deciding how to divide everything can become incredibly complicated, especially if one partner owns a business, has multiple real estate holdings, or there is a high level of debt. Assets are usually divided more evenly when the matters go to trial, though. 

A Miami divorce lawyer can help protect both spouses’ interests and assets as the divorce proceeds through Florida’s courts. Lawyers can ensure both personal and financial safety during the process by encouraging the parties to behave fairly, exchange full financial disclosure, create a fair settlement agreement, and. in some cases, pursue legal remedies. Additionally, a Miami divorce lawyer can help parties have a consistent voice throughout the process by making sure each one is getting the information they need and the decisions they agree upon are carried out. 

Divorcing couples should consider looking into a competent Miami divorce lawyer to help navigate the complicated process of separating their assets. A Miami divorce lawyer is well-versed in Florida divorce laws and experienced in financial and asset issues so both parties get a fair outcome. Having an experienced legal representative on your side when splitting property, income, and debts in a divorce will help to guarantee that all assets in the marital estate are divided in a fair and balanced way.

If you are considering filing for divorce, please contact a Miami divorce attorney at Rafool today to schedule a consultation. We would be happy to discuss your case and answer any questions you may have.