Paternity is a sensitive topic, but sometimes Florida residents may have questions. Determining paternity is important, not only for the parents but for the child. Parental support plays a big part in shaping a child’s life. The law in Florida supports the notion that children should have both parents providing emotional and financial support. 

Miami family law lawyer from Rafool, LLC can assist you with any paternity questions. We work hard with our cases to advocate on your behalf for you and your family. 

Some of the most common matters examined in paternity matters are child support, health insurance, legal decision-making authority, and custody/visitation determinations. 

As it concerns child support or health insurance, an experienced Miami FL divorce attorney can help guide you through this delicate matter, even for those who feel they are under a current obligation to support a child they believe is not theirs. Whatever the matter, the child should not have to suffer because of it. Establishing paternity can help the child access the financial and health care resources they need to have a happy and healthy life. 

Each child needs a guardian to make legal decisions for them. If paternity is established, then the paternal figure may be a part of that decision-making process. 

We understand that not seeing your child is extremely difficult and one of the hardest things to experience as a parent. Establishing paternity is more than financial support, it helps ensure that you can see your child through visitation rights.