A prenuptial agreement isn’t something many couples like to think about and it may induce feelings of worry or anxiety. Despite its potential connotations, a prenup doesn’t mean a partner is seeing a future divorce. Instead, it can be viewed as a way to get rid of uncertainties while protecting the interests of both individuals. Should something go awry in the marriage, a prenup means you already have decisions made on your terms versus having to deal with a court’s decision.

One way to bring up the topic of a prenup is to discuss the future of your shared finances. This means outlining any plans for retirement, debts, investments, and your ideal future financial status. If there are concerns like your partner’s outstanding credit card debt or their comparably low income, discuss solutions.

Suggest the idea of creating a prenuptial agreement after you have started the financial conversation. Hold open and amiable conversation. Keep the topic open, and prevent your partner from feeling like they're being attacked. Ask them if they've ever entertained a prenup and explain why you think it would work for your marriage. Listen respectfully, and address their concerns. Emphasize that it’s about protecting your respective financial futures versus trying to isolate what’s yours from theirs.

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