A divorce can be an overwhelming process, typically requiring a complete upheaval of your life. There are also factors that may come into play like child support, financial issues, or even bankruptcy in some cases. One thing that’s worth remembering and may get overlooked is your will.

Usually, couples who have a will would have their spouse as the primary person that will inherit assets. For married couples, this seems logical. You want your spouse to inherit your estate, in your name, to continue with their lives. But now that you're divorcing, that's obviously not the case anymore.

By having a new will, you can choose which heirs you deem appropriate considering your existing circumstances. If you do not, because your divorce is not yet complete, your properties are inherited by your soon-to-be former spouse. That's stopped by a new will. If there are children, your children will be identified as your heirs by a will. If not, as your heir you can choose your parents, siblings, a friend you trust, or perhaps a charity you’re passionate about. Regardless, the selection of the heir you want to inherit your properties is significant, rather than the person you’re wishing to separate from.

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