The 2019-2020 school year is in full swing. As your child continues their education, one way to derail their progress is having to experience a divorce. As the child deals with fundamental changes in their family dynamic and the emotions associated with their parents no longer being together, their grades may suffer.

One way to potentially minimize the effect of divorce on a child is by ensuring the child’s schedule remains intact. This means taking some time out to assist with homework or other school-related responsibilities and working alongside the other parent so that the child’s educational goals are agreed on by both parents. While the child’s growth is a key aspect, it’s just as important to make the educational process one that is fun for the child.

As the parents are going through the stages of divorce, both parents should remain active participant's in the life of the child. Take a moment to listen to what’s on the child’s mind and how the divorce process may be affecting them.

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